Peter Hahn

Peter Hahn

Job Title: Head of Predictive Analytics

Company: Zurich North American

Peter Hahn is Head of Predictive Analytics at Zurich North America, he previously held roles at McKinsey and attended Harvard Business School

Speaking at the following:

2.45pm - 3.30pm
Discussion Group 2A: Moving beyond traditional data reporting and maximizing value of new data sources

Assess how data analytics leaders can Identify areas of business value and evaluate the data challenges in doing so? Evaluating how you can leverage data to enhance your insurance ecosystem and maximize the value chain. Moving beyond reporting and traditional predictive models – How can you contextualize and unlock the value of new data source.

4.00pm - 4.30pm
Keynote Presentation: From a strategic initiative to a core business function

The journey from a strategic initiative to a core business function for Predictive Analytics in Zurich North America. What does it mean to be a “strategic initiative” vs a “core business function”? What were some key decisions and actions?

4.30pm - 5.00pm
Keynote Presentation: Leveraging predictive analytics to maximize core insurance practices and functions

No project has ROI if the stakeholder doesn’t use the insight, make sure the hard work doesn’t become wasted effort. Embedding data insight into how teams operate so projects reach their full potential. Making that insight is communicated in an effective way for the business user.