Harsh Tiwari

Harsh Tiwari

Job Title: Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer

Company: CUNA Mutual Group

Harsh Tiwari is the Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer for CUNA Mutual Group in Madison,Wisconsin. His primary responsibilities include leading enterprise-wide data initiatives providing strategy and policy guidance for data acquisition, usage and management. He joined the company in July 2015.

Before joining CUNA Mutual group, Harsh spent many years working in information technology, analytics and data intelligence. He worked at Capital One Financial Group in Plano, Texas, for 17 years where he most recently focused on creating an effective data and business intelligence environment to manage risks across the company as the Head of Risk Management Data and Business Intelligence. He has also served as the Divisional CIO for Small Business Credit Card and Consumer Lending, Head of Portfolio and Delivery Management, Head of Auto Finance Data and Business Intelligence, Business Information Officer of Capital One Canada, and Analyst –Senior Manager of Small Business Data & System Analysis.

He brings significant and broad business knowledge, combining data mining, analytics and technology infrastructure with deep business understanding to drive actionable strategies. Having managed multi-functional, multi-cultural and multi-geographical teams, Harsh has a deep passion for diversified team management. He focuses on developing high potential performers into leaders, while leveraging their expertise to create sustained performance.

A native of India, Harsh earned a B.S. in Mechanical engineering from Mysore University in Mysore, Karnataka, India, and a M.B.A. in Finance / MIS Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his spare time, Harsh enjoys golfing, and spending time with his wife, Rashimi, and their son who is 12 and a daughter who is 8.

Speaking at the following:

Discussion Group 1B: Regulation in the Business Context – Minimizing the Burden & Maximizing Value

Examining best practices in tackling state-to -state variances in regulatory compliance. Reducing the cost of compliance, without exposing the business to regulatory risk Beyond ‘box ticking’ – leveraging the value in your data outside of regulatory reporting

3.00pm - 3.45pm
Discussion Group 2A: Data-Driven Product Innovation

Using data to identify winning products based on business needs, customer demands and behaviour. Delivering insights to improve and personalize products & pricing. Data as your guide to more highly segmented customer experience

5.15pm - 5.45pm
Panel Discussion: Data Science Meets Actuarial Science – Developing Mutual Understanding for a Successful Relationship

Examining the relationship between Data Scientists and Actuaries in leading Insurance companies – what leads to success, and what leads to failure? Defining roles, remit, and responsibility – where does my ownership begin and end? Should we expect potential convergence or divergence between the two roles? Which would most benefit your company?