Guru Rao

Guru Rao

Job Title: Chief Analytics and Data Officer

Company: FBAlliance Insurance Company

FBAlliance (FBA) is a P&C insurance company, whose investors are Farm Bureau insurance organizations in the U.S. FBA’s strategic goal is to be an innovation laboratory for the investor states. As part of the company’s senior executive team, Guru plays a key role in driving insurance expansion into various states. His specific responsibilities include providing leadership and strategic direction to FBA’s new market and product research, innovation initiatives, enterprise data, data science, operational and predictive analytics, business intelligence, insurance product development and technology functions.

Guru has extensive experience providing strategic and operations leadership in analytics, data science, modeling and risk management. In recent years, he has: (1) established and managed large centers of excellence for analytics, research and product development, (2) built high-performance global teams operating in 100% cloud footprint, and (3) led initiatives to accelerate innovation through formalized process, employee engagement, and partnerships. I am also an angel investor in tech startups.

Speaking at the following:

1.45am - 2.15pm
Keynote Presentation: What is your data and analytics strategy for insurance underwriting?

Underwriting needs accurate, complete and real-time data. Customers are loathe to providing lots of detailed information. Available data is evolving and has distributed ownership.

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 1A: Creating and maintaining a customer data management strategy

Define the steps needed to begin a robust customer data management strategy. Evaluate best practices in aligning your end-to-end customer information processes, from collection through to analysis. Contextualizing the right data sets to acquire to serve your business objectives. Establishing the right Data Governance procedures to ensure compliant, secure and ethical use of customer data…. Read more.

4.30pm - 5.15pm
Panel Discussion: The importance of the ‘business translator’ – Leveraging data visualization to communicate insights

Understand the composition of skills needed in your team to effectively communicate value of data analytics exercises to the business, driving adoption in the process. Lack of action isn’t always a lack of technical skill but of communication. Ensuring that business and non-technical users have information in a way that it can be used. Empowering… Read more.

11.45am - 12.45pm
Discussion Group 3A: The evolving talent conversation – sourcing top talent for the insurance business of the future

Competing with tech firms for top talent is expensive and unrealistic, how do you offer talent projects that make them want to stay? Building relationships with top colleges to bring analytics talent through with experience of newest technology. Developing the relationship between the business end users and the data science professionals – bridging the gap… Read more.