Dan Barker

Dan Barker

Job Title: Chief Enterprise Architect

Company: NAIC

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Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 1B: Overcoming legacy systems and processes – the business case for modernization

Exploring how legacy architectures and processes can be overcome and combating company inertia to drive through technological and operational innovation. Debate the impact of traditional corporate structures and the potential disruption to delivering innovation. Discussing strategies used to overcome adoption challenges, how to avoid such obstacles as well as catalyzing the shift a shift in… Read more.

9.45am - 10.15am
Keynote Presentation: Case Study – NAIC’s transition to the cloud

This case study will provide a holistic and comprehensive overview of NAIC’s 3 year strategic transition of their data infrastructure to the cloud. Highlighting key benefits such as organizational agility and overcoming legacy infrastructure, this presentation will evaluate the challenges in this migration and long term opportunities. What are the key considerations when making this… Read more.