Day 1


9.00- 9.30

Keynote Presentation: Bringing the value of data analytics to life in insurance

Shifting the mind-set and positioning data analytics as a valuable commodity to be exploited for competitive advantages within insurance. Managing expectations and creating realistic expectations with key internal stakeholders. Ensuring non-data people are educated on where data efforts should be focused.

9.30- 10.00

Keynote Presentation: Harnessing the power of collaboration through data-driven insights

Can reinsurance leverage the power of collaboration? Discussing the trends and opportunities for carriers to equip themselves with insights from external conditions. Evaluating the role of data analytics leaders in fostering collaboration, competition and communication in order to bolster business outcomes. Examining the impact of cross-business partnerships and talent inclusion on the bottom-line.

10.00- 10.30

Keynote Presentation: Developing data management and analytics capabilities in a legacy industry

Overcoming the limitations of historic systems to create a platform to build from. Centralizing your data to drive the organization forward. Putting your data in the cloud to make it readily available.

11.00- 11.30

Keynote Presentation: Enhancing customer relationships with a customer-centric data strategy

Discussing the ways in which advanced analytics can help your business to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Measuring the links between business performance and customer satisfaction – is there a connection and should you care? Keeping pace with the connected consumer – discussing the challenges and solutions for real-time customer interaction.

11.30- 12.00

Keynote Presentation: Adopting a “digital first mind-set” to remain competitive in today’s marketplace

Defining what “digital transformation” really means, C-Level accountability for execution and tangible implications for present and future business. Identify the challenges faced by most businesses when adapting people, process and new technology to a ‘digital first’ mind-set? Reviewing the future capabilities of digital and harnessing new sources of data for personalization and agile customer behavioural… Read more.

12.00- 12.30

Panel Discussion: Resource, recruit and retain! advocating the importance of people and process in driving data-centric operational change in insurance

Understand executive perspectives on initiatives to increase the appeal and marketability of the Insurance sector to secure fresh data and analytics talent in an increasingly competitive market. Examining the desirable traits needed to succeed in data and analytics within Insurance – marrying the business acumen, critical thinking and technical expertise to drive operational change. Real… Read more.

Discussion Group Session 1

1.15pm- 2.30pm

Discussion Group 1A: Taking a risk – does the insurance industry really need CDAOs?

Given the relative maturity of data and analytics usage in the Insurance industry, is the appointment of a CDO or CAO necessary? What additional benefits does creating a CDO role offer over a more traditional approach? How can CDOs in insurance avoid the perception of being a short-term appointment and cement their place in the… Read more.

1.30pm- 2.15pm

Discussion Group 1B: To cloud or not to cloud? – when to do it, how, why and how to secure it

What are the benefits of hosting your data and analytics efforts in the cloud and when should you seek to utilize this technology? How do you effectively manage the implementation of cloud services within your business? Exploring the best way to dip your toes and build a scalable model for your enterprise. What tools are… Read more.

1.30pm- 2.15pm

Discussion Group 1C: Creating niche products with data analytics

As insurance providers must provide a larger array of products, how can smaller markets be catered to. Using smaller niches to offer the products that customers want. Staying ahead of competition by offering unique and bespoke products that remain profitable.

Discussion Group Session 2

2.15pm- 3.00pm

Discussion Group 2A: Changing the culture for good

Advocating data-driven insight over ‘gut instinct’ and hunches. Ensuring open communication with stakeholders to provide genuine collaboration on data projects. Understanding the needs of the user to create genuine enthusiasm for data projects from broader organization.

2.15pm- 3.00pm

Discussion Group 2B: Telematics and the future of insurance

Using telematics to see how customers act in real time. Rewarding high value customers and creating bespoke products to improve retention. Possible challenges around fundamental change in approach bought about by new technology as a disruptive agent.

2.15pm- 3.00pm

Discussion Group 2C: Improving the customer experience

Data-enabled startups and tech companies are moving into the space, is Big Data the answer for insurance? Understanding the products that customers want and providing a seamless experience to improve retention. Focusing on customer satisfaction as a key indicator of loyalty and driving product development in this way.

3.30- 4.00

Keynote Presentation: Building bridges – aligning data analytics functions with actuarial practices for underwriting & pricing

Evolving the traditional means for underwriting and embracing a technological, data-driven approach for greater granularity. Examine how to position actuaries and data scientists to optimize underwriting activities. Opportunities for predictive and prescriptive analytics to better improve efficiency and effectiveness of underwriting operations.

4.00- 4.30

Keynote Presentation: Fuelling growth and innovation through Data Governance

Evaluating how Governance of data stands at the epicentre of managing enterprise risks as a direct and growing avalanche of new data, technologies and networks become available to the business. Identifying the opportunities and challenges presented by the Internet of Things, and define how businesses can invent, engage and grow by leveraging data in new… Read more.

4.30- 5.00

Keynote Presentation: Leveraging insights to maximize core insurance practices and functions

No project has ROI if the stakeholder doesn’t use the insight, make sure the hard work doesn’t become wasted effort. Embedding data insight into how teams operate so projects reach their full potential. Making that insight is communicated in an effective way for the business user.

5.00- 5.30

Panel Discussion: The importance of the ‘business translator’

Lack of action isn’t always a lack of technical skill but of communication. Highlighting the need for specialists with communication or data visualization specialism. Understanding the need for skills outside of traditional data analytics

6.45- 7.00

End of Day One